Ship Rip



Grow your swarm of space parasites by eating space ships! Take on larger and larger ships until you can devour entire fleets!

I started making this game originally to test the performace limits of the Godot engine for games with many entities.

watch the making-of

Welcome to the site

Because I don't trust any social media site to not spontaneously combust I thought I should make my own website.

I used eleventy and plain old html and css. I'm not a web developer but the experience wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think web stuff may have improved since I last tried.

I'll be posting the games and videos I make here and possibly blogging. To be honest the main reason I made this post is so the blog section isn't empty.

Pogo oh no!

web desktop


A pogo stick platformer. You play a guy on a pogo stick, but not just any pogo stick: a perfectly energy conserving pogo stick.

See it's development